Sunday, 20 October 2013

Food glorious food - and everything else in between (except work)

Hello again,
I just had a bit of a shock seeing how long it has been since the last time i wrote on here. So here are some pictures of food and events with captions. Sorry about the layout - i'm hopeless at this sort of thing and this Blogger site doesn't make it easy. Going to opt for a change of plan so this will be the last post on here for a while (so what's new? i hear you cry) You'll notice i don't really mention work…we do go to work and do real jobs but who wants to hear about that - it's a school, we all know what schools are like. This following blog is what life here is all about - why we love it and why we will probably be here for another year or so. Come and visit!

Samgyetang, just round the corner from us - whole little chicken stuffed with rice in a bowl of soup. Delicious. It's meant to be a summer thing, but we'd say it's perfect winter, cold-fighting fare. I do worry about where such small chickens come from though…briefly. I saw an horrendous set of photos on Facebook about the industrialization of farming and the chicken shed wasn't pretty. 

                                                     We went to an amazing steak place up in Gangwan-do during our ski trip earlier this year. Absolutely delicious. 

Sashimi at our local izakaya on the sea front. We really do live the life of riley! we only go here now and again, the Okonomiaki with fluttering dried fish flakes is yummy and the Yakitori are oishi!

                                                                                                                     I still make welsh cakes at every opportunity and taught some of my kids to make them too. They're an all round winner. I brought back plenty of mixed spice so should have enough for another year's worth.

We went to Borneo in the spring with a group of students - the food we had was the tops and got better every day - even this meal we had in our very muddy jungle camp was really tasty. We all felt better about having to deal with tarantulas once we'd had some hot curry.
Before we left for our summer break in Europe, we ate some puffer fish in a lovely little place in Haeundae that is always packed with people willing to risk their lives! It was really good - especially the soup.

fun in France
                                                                                     A more civilized and less intrepid form of camping happened over the Summer in France. The cup of tea was a daily ritual (once we finally found the right sized gas canister!)
delicious and strange snacks in a Paris Baguette cafe during a very wet bike ride. Coffee shops and bakeries here are legendary.
Sushi Berry - our absolute favorite thing to eat - when we're not eating all our other favorite things!
Moroccan restaurant in Ulsan - we went up
for a Transport game but this was the highlight
homemade sausages chez downing/carey - a breakfast fit for royalty.

In other, non-food related news, here a few other moments of note during the year.
Half marathon in Gyeongju - just after cherry blossom time.

The wedding of one of our Korean colleagues. It was different and yet familiar, up to a point. The groom did a Psy number in the middle of the ceremony. Both bride and groom read personal messages to each other and cried. It was a conveyor belt sort of affair - the buffet was delicious but was shared with about 6 other weddings that were happening simultaneously in the same venue. Still a very happy occasion despite that.

sea weed drying
diamond bridge, Gwangan-li. We ran over it in October 10k.

My husband the saint
Swiss bar - completely alpine with a yodeling owner !
Beautiful Borneo rainforest

We had a rain soaked tour with the Transport up to Gangneung - a national newspaper wrote a lovely piece about our loyal little band of devoted supporters - it made it all worthwhile!

fun in France
vers la Triomphe, toujours

We bought bikes - i love mine and will keep it forever!

Dadaepo beach - reminds me of home a bit.
 Just the other side of Busan.

heavenly camping on Geoje island - serene.

our unexpected trip to Taiwan - another unexpectedly wonderful time
Taiwan is full of temples with roofs like these. And also full of the most wonderful food -
 Chinese with lots of other influences

Merlot wine tasting, chez nous
Grade 1 camp in Miryang - a wonderfully rural setting -
went for a run between the rice paddies int he dark.
Korea v Iran - less said about the score, the better!

gnarly dude with a board he won in a raffle!

glorious France - we love you (St Jean Pied de Port)

up a hill and clinging on for dear life!

My lovely family

A wonderful Chuseok holiday in Gangwon-do, with Downing Tours!
all hail conquering heroes! 

Happy and enjoying life.

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  1. Wow, Rhi - I didn't even know you were blogging till I saw your fb post! Most impressed by the food pics - well, by everything - and it's great that you make Welshcakes over there! Love from Sicily. x