Saturday, 13 August 2011

Stainless steel chopsticks

We have been here a week and a day and our first impressions are positive. We are glad to be here, fortunate to have a wonderful appartment and to be in the thick of things and only a short walk from E-Mart, our kind of second home.
We have eaten some interesting and delicious things - Bibimbap (chopped up veg, a raw egg and rice with hot chilli sauce - you mix it up in a hot stone bowl), Galbi (barbecued meat with accompaniments all wrapped up in lettuce leaves) as well as baked spiny fish - again with soup and range of side dishes. All of the above served with Kimchi - an acquired taste which i am acquiring but Bob is wary of. We have also eaten vietnamese food, chinese noodles, noodles in ice - which was a shock as you couldn't see the ice on the photo we pointed to in the cafe. Perfect in this hot and humid weather though, not to mention perfect for coping with hot chilli in the sauce.
Korean chopsticks given to us so far have been stainless steel - this seems to sum up Korea for me: high-tech but traditional, clean and functional, a western take on a centuries old eating implement. And they give you a spoon to eat your rice with for when you are really hungry and chopsticks can't deliver the food quickly enough.

We also bought a rice cooker - there were hundreds of models and when we asked about the cheapest the lady told us that was from China but the one next to it was made in Korea - so we did the patriotic thing and she smiled as if to tell us we had done the right thing. Bob then created a pork stir fry after i had looked up the manual for the cooker in english - the rice was cooked and the meal was delicious.
We're still not sure what they eat for breakfast in Korea but we're guessing tradition dictates it's eaten with kimchi. Not in our flat it's not...not yet at least!

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