Sunday, 28 August 2011

Tesco's Swiss Style Muesli

I finally found some muesli that looked like the kind of stuff i would eat. It was in Home Plus (Tesco in Korea) and although not the finest i have eaten, it was great with some banana. We also went shopping in a giant Costco and got some honey nut loops having decided that cereal for breakfast is the best way to ensure regular calcium intake - along with the odd yoghurt here and there. We have signed up for lunches at school - they are cheap and the menus are varied - mostly western but international - always a salad in addition to something hot with rice and some fruit so essentially healthy. It's good to eat during the day, although on the few occasions we have gone out to eat on a week day evening, it has led to over-eating and discomfort. We'll stick to eating out at the weekend and review the situation at Christmas.
Our first week at school seemed to go on for ages - and getting up at 6.30 to catch the 7.30 school bus has been a shock to the system - but the routine is now established and i inevitably got up at 7.15 yesterday (Saturday).
The neighbourhood is changing around us daily - an old style street in which the are still patches of garden growing plentiful chillies had a building demolished last weekend - a lovely pottery place which i am hoping has moved to premises elsewhere. I am hoping against hope that it is not replaced with another skyward climbing edifice which will block out the sun from the lovingly tended chilli plants. Pockets of green are already rare round here. We need to get out into the larger areas towards the outskirts - up in to the hills. We're just waiting for it to cool off a bit as it has suddenly decided to warm up again - needed the air con on today - the humidity was a bit much.
Another weekend has gone by with no attempt to learn any Korean. I need to join a class. I did however manage to find a time of the week when the pool is virtually empty - only 3 to a lane - and that was great. I also got to the Jagalchi Fish market - which was extensive and as fishy as i expected it to be. It is a part of Busan which has changed little over recent years while everything around it has moved on with the relentless march of progress.
I didn't buy any fish so we didn't have any for breakfast - or octopus. Bob was relieved that a) i didn't insist he come with me and b) i didn't bring any of it back here. So cereal and muesli it is and will stay.

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