Sunday, 7 August 2011


Cheers everyone who wished us a safe journey - it went reasonably well with a few delays and hiccups but we arrived safely. We were met by a lovely colleague who guided us and our 5 heavy cases to our stunning 26th floor appartment. We struggled manfully to stay awake til the evening - we hadn't slept much on the journey so it felt like 5 am in reality - 24 hours without sleep. We slept well but are still tired today - an afternoon nap could have gone on for several hours so we snapped out of it to come out to a cafe to post this. Shopping in the E-mart has been our principle occupation so far - it's nice and cool in there and they do good icecream! The waves are crashing on to the beach - effects of a typhoon off the coast of China, apparently - hope it stays over there!

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